I upgraded the BlackBerry App World Client on by BlackBerry yesterday and today I noticed a new alert on my device Home Screen. I had to look at it for a while to figure out what it was, but the alert icon turns out to be a notification for an application update in the BlackBerry App World. Here's a screen shot of the alert:

When you open the App World application and open the list of installed applications, you'll see that there's an asterisk on the applications that have an update available. In this case, my free CBS news application has been updated.

The notification also appears in the Messages application which is not something I expected. What's really cool is when you open the message, it automatically launches the App World application so you can perform the specified upgrade. I'm trying to find out more about this ability - RIM suggested I add the topic to the book, but I didn't have time to add it. As soon as I learn more, I'll write an article about it and post it to this site.

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