Several people have asked me recently for links to different BlackBerry development-related resources. Well, I started building a repository of information about BlackBerry development-related topics - I'm going to launch the site on November 1st, stay tuned for additional information.

As I worked on the book, I found different articles on RIM's web site and elsewhere that helped me learn the topic better or reinforce some of the content. At the end of each chapter, I added an Additional Resources section that listed each of these links. One of my reviewers from RIM suggested that I post those links online so they will be easier to access by the book's readers. I setup a special section of the book's web site and posted all of the links last night. You can access the links at I'll be adding more links as I uncover them.

Also, RIM recenly removed all of the Developer Journal issues from their web site. The Developer Journal was a cool publication because the topics were covered thoroughly in long articles. They were full of pictures and source code. I really loved them and it was through them that I learned most of the nitty gritty details about how some of the technologies worked. I've been told that the Journal articles have been made available as Knowledge Base articles - but I haven't checked to see if they all made it. Even so, the kbase articles are usually very short, so there's no way the full content from the Journal articles made it over. I have copies of most of the issues and I'm toying with the idea of posting them to this site or to Let me know what you think.

Here's the cover for Volume 2, Issue 1 from 2005 - Looks like good stuff, huh?

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