Something’s up with the latest version of the Facebook app for BlackBerry. Parts of the UI simply don’t work and I don’t know how to let BlackBerry know about it. Apps like TeleNav Navigator have a feedback function which allows you to let them know when something doesn’t work or if you have suggestions for the application. All of the different mobile OS are adding APIs for Twitter, Facebook and so on, why not add a feedback API that allows an app to send customer comments/feedback to the developer? No sense in each developer writing their own when it can simply be a default API on the device.

Anyway, to my problem! If you look at Figure 1, you’ll see the standard Facebook home screen running on my BlackBerry Bold 9930. Notice the three images at the top center (in the blue bar). What it’s showing me is that there are three ‘view’s available here and that one of them has new items.


Figure 1

Unfortunately, when I tap on one of those images (or even click on them using the touch pad that the Bold 9900 still has) nothing happens as shown in Figure 2. I can click on that image repeatedly and nothing happens except that the image gets highlighted.


Figure 2

Same thing with the little globe icon – click on it and it highlights but doesn’t change anything on the screen.


Figure 3

I can click on the chat icon and see the messages that have been sent to me by my friends, but clicking on either the people or globe icons does…nothing. Are any of you experiencing the same issue? Any suggestions on how I can let the folks at BlackBerry know and hopefully get a fix?

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  • Guest - Dragon Cotterill

    You could just ask somebody who works there as a software developer.<br /><br />Failing that, what versions are you running of the OS and of the Facebook application. I can get things rolling but without specific details it won't get very far.

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  • Guest - John M. Wargo

    I'm running BlackBerry Device Software 7.1 bundle 2123. It's Facebook app version

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  • Guest - David Schaffer

    I've got the same version of Facebook and it works on my Curve 9300 with v6.<br /><br />I think a lot of development is being focused on BB10 and feature support for older devices is definitely becoming hit or miss.

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