Did you see the survey results published recently about BlackBerry users saying they’d get an iPhone if they had to get a new phone today?  Check out Why BlackBerry Users Will Defect when you get a chance. Very telling and I hope the folks at Research In Motion are listening.

Another interesting note appeared online this week. The makers of the SkyFire browser announced that they were discontinuing development for the BlackBerry platform. You can find the announcement here. RIM just hasn't kept up with the market when it comes to platform capabilities. People want the iPhone and Android UI experience and they're done waiting for RIM to provide it. Look at RIM just releasing the development tools for BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 - the OS has been out for months now and RIM's finally getting around to releasing the development tools? Sad. Granted they were available in Beta for a long time, but who wants to build products or Enterprise applications with beta software?

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