I came across this URL a while ago and thought I'd share it with all of you. So many times you're looking for documentation on RIM's web site and you have to hunt around to find what you're looking for. When looking for a particular server document (this is for the BES, not the development tools) I usually used search and drilled down from there. Well, there's a very useful URL every admin should have - it's www.blackberry.com/go/serverdocswww.blackberry.com/go/serverdocs.

At this URL is a very organized summary of all server documentation categories as shown below. The most useful part of this for me has always been to pick one of the BES platforms - that page that appears next shows the most recent versions of the BES docs for the selected platform and has a drop-down list containing all versions. You can then make a selection from the drop-down and see every doc related to the selected version. This is very useful when you have to support multiple BES versions (like I know my friends at Vox MobileVox Mobile do every day) and want to find the right doc right away.

Enjoy the tip!

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