I'm already much happier with the new comments component I added to the site. I'd been using the yvComment add-on for Joomla, but it was hard to install, difficult to use and buggy. I'd had nothing but trouble with it from day one. Not that I get many comments on this site, but the comment module shouldn't be hard to use.

I switched to JComment, and it was a quick, seamless install and provides me with a quick way to approve comment posts directly from an email notice I get that a new comment has been posted.

I had to add an approval process to comments because often someone posts a comment just so they can show a link to some spammer or phishing site. Even though I turned off display of URL's in the old tool, people still tried to do that, so I was constantly whacking comments that were nothing but spam. With the approach implemented in JComment, I receive an email message and can approve or delete the post just by clicking on a link in the email. Nice!

I'll be posting some articles about Drupal in the coming weeks. I'm building two sites using Drupal and so far I'm very impressed. More on that later.

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