I just finished my second and third articles for the View (www.eview.com). The second article is an introduction to mobile development for Domino and focuses on web development. The third article extends the second and talks about native mobile development for Domino and includes Hybrid and MEAP applications. It was a lot of fun to write these articles. I started with an idea and as I started writing, the article got bigger and bigger and bigger. When I submitted it, my editor immediately started talking about splitting it into two parts. This was good because it allowed me to extend the second part and make it more complete. As I wrapped the first version up, I started omitting content because I knew it was going to be too long. Splitting it allowed me to make it much more complete.

I'm off to the BlackBerry Developer Conference in San Francisco this week. When I get back, I hope to put the finishing touches on a fourth article, one that covers in details how to mobilize Domino applications using the Kryos Velocity Designer for Lotus Domino. Stay tuned for that one.

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