For those of you who are interested in BlackBerry Widgets (BlackBerry WebWorks) and how you can use them to talk to IBM Lotus Domino applications, The ViewThe View just published an article I wrote called BlackBerry Widgets — A Fast, Easy Way to Mobilize Your Domino ApplicationsBlackBerry Widgets — A Fast, Easy Way to Mobilize Your Domino Applications. In the article, I use the RESTful agent I illustrated on this site to build a BlackBerry Widget that talks to the Domino service. It was a fun app to write and I'm very proud of the article.

I wish I could share the information from the article here, but it belongs to the View. Check out the article if you're a subscriber. I'll be demonstrating the application (and how I built it) at the View Domino Developer Conference in Las Vegas in June.

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