I've gotten involved with the View Domino Admin/Developer Conference again this year. The 2010 conference will be held in Boston (as usual) and runs from May 12th through the 14th.

For this year's conference, I'm doing my Domino Rich Client application session I did last year at the conference and also this year at Lotusphere. Of course I have to change it up a bit between each session. In last year's View conference, I showed how to build a Domino Web Service (the same web service I've written about here) then how to build a BlackBerry MDS Runtime application that talked to the service, a BlackBerry Java application and a Windows Mobile application.

MDS Runtime has since been end of lifed by RIM (December 31, 2009), so for Lotusphere I pulled MDS Runtime from the presentation and did BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and tried to get Android done in time for the conference, but wasn't able to show a completed application. I had a horrible time with some of my demo's, everything crashed but I was still able to show everything (because every good presenter has a back-up copy of everything ready to show).

For this year's View conference, I've finished the Android version of the application (it's pretty cool and I learned an awful lot about Android in the process) so I'll be showing that along with the BlackBerry application. I was thinking of also showing the Windows Mobile application again, but I'm just not sure people really care about it. With the forthcoming Windows Mobile 7 breaking every previous version of the application, the Jury's out as to whether I should still show it. Let me know what you think. Even though the slide decks are due today, I'm planning on spending the rest of the time between now and the conference building the same application for the iPhone. I'm going to first do the development using XCode and Objective-C but hopefully I'll have time to build a browser-based application as well using DashCode. We'll see what happens and how much time I have to throw at this.

As I promised after Lotusphere, I will be publishing an article about how to build the Android application here (with source code).

I'm also doing a session entitled "Current Trends in Mobile Application Development" where I'll be talking about the current trends in mobile application development ;-).

I've also taken a position as a Technical Advisor to The View publication. I'm going to be focusing on mobility related topics and hopefully penning some articles for the publication. Stay tuned for more information.


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