A lot of people have asked me to post the slide deck from my Lotusphere 2010 Beyond the Browser: Building Rich Client Applications for Domino (AD114) session. I wasn't sure whether I was allowed to post it, but I received the following confirmation from the track manager:

"Attendees can download whole tracks from Lotusphere online so please direct them there if for some reason they are not aware.  For non-attendees, you can post the slides on your site."

So, that being said, the presentation is attached to the end of this article

The session was a lot of fun although the Demo Gods rained trouble on me. I was prepared for that and had finished demos ready, so nobody left without seeing how it worked. That didn't stop people from complaining about it in their session evaluations though. Oh well, sometimes you just can't win. I'm making some progress on the Android sample application I showed a part of in the session. I should have that done in a few weeks (need to finish my move to North Carolina first). Stay tuned.

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