As promised, the final database and project files for my AD114 session from Lotusphere 2010 have been posted to the files area of the site.The available files are:

Domino Database (with the XML-based and RESTful services code)

BlackBerry Java Project

Windows Mobile Project

I spent some time on the plane ride home reading through another Android development book and got some new insights to the problems I was having with the demo. I will spend some time working on that project in the next few weeks (in between the move to NC and my real job) and hope to have something posted by the end of February. Bug me if you don't see it by then.

I'll start working on the iPhone version of the same app - with plans (as they are) to have something posted by the end of March.

Several people have sent me emails about some broken links on the site. I implemented a commercial SEF plug-in for Joomla! and apparently even though they say old links will continue to work, they apparently don't. Thanks for the feedback, I'll try to fix them ASAP.

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