Google told me this morning that someone posted my AD114 slide decks from Lotusphere 2010 on a slide sharing web site: here. The presentation covers how to build rich client applications that talk to Lotus Domino databases. It's something I've been presenting on for several years now (at Lotusphere and the View conferences). What I've done is build a Domino Web Service then showed how to build BlackBerry and Windows Mobile clients that talk to the database. This year I added Android (for Lotusphere) and iPhone (for the View conference) versions of the application although I wasn't able to get the complete iPhone application working in time for the conference.

I've written about the web service and the BlackBerry application here - there's a series of 4 articles that cover it in detail. I'm in the process of writing up the Windows Mobile application (which I'll post here as soon as my back gets better) and I'll add Android soon as well.

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