For the first time in 16 years, I'm not going to be in Orlando for IBM Lotus Lotusphere. I've attended every Lotusphere but one and presented at many of them. It's been a wonderful experience for me and I'm sad for it to end, but I couldn't justify going this year. I hear from others, more and more people are in the same boat as me.

Too bad. A lot of really great things happened to me at Lotusphere. Let's see:

I met my wife at Lotusphere. I met her briefly at Sea World at Lotusphere 1999 then connected with her again the following year at Lotusphere. We kissed for the first time at the Copa Banana bar at her company (Interliant) party. Less than nine months later we were engaged and three months after that we were married.

I was responsible for applications that won two IBM Beacon Awards: 1997 for Biggest Business Impact for an application I helped design for Key Bank and 2001 for Best Tool or Utility for a software package I created which is, I think, still sold today (

I presented a lot of great sessions there (in my humble opinion, of course).

I met a lot of great people there.

I made quite a few friends there.

I drank an awful lot of alcohol there.

I sat through a lot of keynote sessions – my favorite was John Cleese, my least favorites were the every one in the last five years or so.

I manned booths there working for three different companies over the years (Realogic, Wolcott Systems Group and RIM).

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  • Guest - Richard Moy

    John,<br /><br />I hope this comments goes through with the plugin. We will miss you at Lotusphere. It was great working with you and your team at Wolcott Group. Hope you can make it to MWLUG 2012 in Pittsburgh. We would like to see more session covering Mobility and PhoneGap is one of my interest.

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  • Guest - Roy Rumaner

    I also will not be going this year. It will be the 3rd LS that I have not been to since they started. As Richard said, hope we see you at MWLUG or IAMLUG next year. At least those are more reasonable cost-wise.

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  • Guest - Victor Toal

    I will not be making it this year either, unfortunately the second LP in a row I am missing ...

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  • Guest - Bill McNaughton

    I'm in the exact same situation - have only missed a few Lotuspheres. We're committed to the mobility side of the Domino business but are having success through direct and web marketing and felt a booth might not be worthwhile. One of our business partners is presenting a case study, but I won't be there personally; will miss the good times, my list is a close match to yours (presenting, too much alcohol)... !

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  • Guest - Denny Russell

    Hey John,<br /><br />That's too bad. I'm pretty sure you and I met at LS a long the way. Best of luck to you and let me know if you are ever in the Pittsburgh area.

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