As part of my role as a technical advisor to the View I decided a long time ago to start writing a series of articles demonstrating all of the different possible ways to mobilize a Notes or Domino application. I had a bunch of ideas and a bunch of different tools I wanted to play with, so I got to work. The cool thing about this was that I wanted to learn these tools, but had so many other things going that I just couldn’t find the time to do it. Fortunately, writing a magazine article about a particular piece of technology is a great way to motivate someone like me to learn the technology.

One of the products I’ve always been interested in learning is Rhodes and RhoConnect, two products from Rhomobile (now part of Motorola Solutions, the other Motorola Company, the one that didn’t get purchased by Google). I first learned about them while working at RIM and while something that interested me, I never found the time to work with it. I’d poked and prodded at it every so often, but I just couldn’t get my hands around what it was, how it worked and so on. I finally found a book on the subject and on a trip back from the West Coast I read through it and decided I could make it work.

Fortunately when previous employer shortened my two week notice and my current employer wasn’t ready for me yet, I created a simple Notes application they set about building the Rhodes application that connected to the database using RhoConnect. It was a challenge, but I got it all working and penned a series of articles on the topic. They’re all submitted to The View and hopefully should be published soon.

The folks at Rhomobile helped me out a bunch – there was some weirdness surrounding some information the Domino server needed to return to RhoConnect after creating a record. It all made sense, but I had difficulty understanding if it was working or not. Of course, I had a stupid coding error that I’d missed, but once that was gone I got it working, but didn’t know that it was. It’s a long story, you’ll have to read the articles to hear it.

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