During my between fulltime jobs lull this year, I did some freelance writing work for AT&T. They created an interesting (and useful) IoT platform for developers to use to build their IoT projects.

The platform includes AT&T Flow, a cloud-based application execution environment based on the IBM Node-Red open source project. It enables developers to build an execution environment for processing data from IoT applications. They also provide AT&T M2X, a streaming data storage environment for IoT projects. The starter kit includes a programmable microcontroller board and a cellular shield (for cellular [mobile] network connectivity) and a sample application that exercises the boards and platform.

My job was to take an existing getting started guide and polish it up. I took the existing work and expanded it with more complete instructions and detailed descriptions of each component. You can find the finished whitepaper in: AT&T IoT Starter Kit: Getting Started Guide.

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