This site has been pretty one-way since the beginning. I'd been posting articles and eventually provided a 'Contact Me' link in the navigation bar, but nobody could interact with the site. Well I finally got around to figuring out how to add comments to the Joomla Content Management System. There are several comment plug-ins available for the CMS and I'd tried a couple of them a while ago and couldn't get them to work. Today I finally knuckled down and worked through the installation instructions and it worked out pretty well.

For now I'm going to approve comments as they come in - perhaps some day I'll allow them to go up automatically (the plug-in uses CAPTCHACAPTCHA, so it should block spammers). I may even require registration to comment, who knows where this will lead me. If you see something you want to comment on, go ahead and write one.

I've got a bunch of articles lined up, I just have to write them. Stay tuned.

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