OK, so I work for AT&T now and that focuses me more regularly on AT&T-related topics, but I'm trying to write about them only when they apply to a wider mobility or telecommunications topic. I was poking around today and discovered AT&T's Public Policy Blog.

While probably not very interesting to people all around the world, but I did find some interesting articles about AT&T's response to the FCC regarding Network Neutrality. This topic has fascinated me for a while and the Jury's out (as far as I'm concerned) whether the results of this whole argument is going to be a good thing or a bad thing for me (us). I know I want to be able to do whatever I want with the network pipe my provider provides me and at the same time I understand the network provider's concerns about how their network is being used. Ultimately it should be the consumer's who's rights are protected (I know, I'm baised) but the result if we have our way will be that the network providers will ultimately charge us more for what we get - just to protect their investments in network upgrades and management hardware so we can have what we want.

Anyway, the site has several exhibits AT&T sumitted along with its response to the FCC that highlight some of the background details and outline what many think will happen depending on how this argument goes. I'm printing out hundreds of pages from the articles right now to read on an airplane in the next couple of weeks. i'll probably have more to say once I've read through all of them.  Stay tuned.

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