Apparently this site has either pissed somebody off or caught the attention of some bad people. Last night, I got hundreds of attacks against the admin area of the site. Looking at the intruder information, the attacks came from a wide range of IP addresses, so I wonder perhaps if some sort of botnet has been turned against the site.

Whoever is trying to hack in is trying admin user IDs beyond the normal 'admin' which is a change from the hacking attempts which have been attempted in the past. Normally, I'll see someone try to login hundreds of times using 'admin' as the user name and a variety of words or letter and/or number sequences to get in. This time, the hackers are trying to get in using variants of my name which is an interesting and clearly targeted approach.

Do people really setup their Joomla sites with admin as the user name and 123456 or 111111 as the admin password? Wow.

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