I posted here last year that my PhoneGap Essentials was licensed for translation into Chinese and Korean. Over time, some copies of the Korean translation showed up at my door. It was so amazing to see my work in another language.

What surprised me the most about looking at the translation was that they’d translated the comments in the source code as well. That was the right thing to do, I’d just not expected it.

Anyway, my new book, Apache Cordova 3 Programming is supposed to go up on Amazon for pre-order this week, so I’ve been periodically checking to see if it’s up there. As I searched Amazon yesterday, I noticed that there was a copy of the Chinese edition of PhoneGap Essentials available for sale (at more than $100 none the less – the book sells for about $5US in China).

Here’s an image of the cover.

My boss is going to China in a few weeks for SAP TechEd, so I’m hoping I can get one of my colleagues to order it and give it to him to bring back for me. My cousin and his wife are in Hong Kong, so perhaps they can get me a copy. We’ll see what happens.

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