Well, the first review of BlackBerry Development Fundamentals has been posted on amazon.com. Unfortunately it's not a very flattering review. Apparently the reader missed the word 'Fundamentals' in the book's title and expected it to be something else than it is. Just in case you're thinking about purchasing the book - please know that it's a book for new BlackBerry developers, not experienced BlackBerry Developers. It contains everything I know to help a new BlackBerry developer get started with BlackBerry development. It's designed to help a developer understand the capabilities of the platform (both from the server and device standpoint), the limitations of the platform and how to build applications for the device. If you're new, I promise you you'll love it and find it very useful. If you're experienced - you don't need my book and any of the other BlackBerry development books that are coming to market.

If you want a real, unbiased review of the book, please read the following reviews. The first was written by an experienced BlackBerry Developer and the second by an experienced BlackBerry guy who wants to be a BlackBerry Developer:

BlackBerry Development Fundamentals Reviewed (www.notesberry.org)

Review: BlackBerry Development Fundamentals Book by John M. Wargo (www.berryreview.com)

If you're interested in hearing me talk more about where the book fits and more, please read Ben Pijor's interview on www.port3101.org:

Interview with Author and BlackBerry Developer John Wargo (www.port3101.org)

If you've read the book and you find it useful, will you please help me out by writing a review on amazon? I really need people to see more than just that one (bad) review. Thanks in advance!

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