As you can see, it's been a while since I posted to this site. Well...I started the migration to a new hosting provider on December 1st and spent a couple of days on it before taking a break for the holidays. I had a couple of lingering problems, so I spent the day today trying to get around them.

I pretty much did, but not other problems have arisen. Sigh - this has been really hard as it's next to impossible to migrate a Joomla! site the way I'm forced to do it here.  I'd tell you that I'll write about my experiences doing this, but then I'd be telling lies.

Anyway, I'll keep hammering away at this and let you know when it's done. I have a stack of articles I want to write and post and can't wait to get back at that.

In the mean time, Apache Cordova 4 Programming is 'finished.' I've completed the manuscript and it's been through the editing process, now I'm waiting to see proofs before it goes off to the printer.

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