Got another spam email about my PayPal account. The text (and format of the email looked like it was exactly like the one I'd already written about, even the incorrect formatting of the link text at the bottom of the message. As I started looking at this one, I was able to tell immediately that it didn't come from PayPal. Take a look at this screen shot:

As you can see from the 'from' address, it's from . Right away you can tell that the spammers were too stupid to even make it look like it came from

Take a look at the source of the email mesage below:


Notice once again that the click URL starts with, but the site actually points to what looks like a restaurant web site.  You can see the full URL below with the actual server name highlighted.

So, once again, just a few seconds of analysis and you can quickly tell that this email certainly did not come from PayPal.

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