Attended my first Telepresence meeting last week. I was meeting with a customer in a local office, but some participants were also in Chicago. We walked into this room with an oval conference table and three monitors sitting on the far half of the table. A few minutes later, people arrived in the room in Chicago, turned on the lights and started interacting with us. It was so interesting, being able to make eye contact with people you are working with across the country.

Of funny note though was what happened halfway through the meeting. The person 'across' from me wrote something down and passed it to the person next to him. They muted the phone and started laughing about something (without even looking at us). We could tell they weren't listening to us, but kept talking along and they soon rejoined the conversation. That very well could have happened in any conference call I attended, but with this technology we could easily tell they were doing it. I wonder, since they knew we were seeing them, why they even did it.

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