I've been having discussions with my publisher about my next book. We talked a bit about doing an update to BlackBerry Development FundamentalsBlackBerry Development Fundamentals, but the market has really seemed to stall with regards to BlackBerry development books. Everyone's interests are now focused on iPhone and Android, but there's also a lot of great stuff being done in the cross platform development space.

I got involved as a tech reviewer for the My Motorola AtrixMy Motorola Atrix book, and that was a lot of fun. I tried to get on the books for the BlackBerry Playbook and the BlackBerry Torch books in that series, but those titles were already taken.  I approached the publisher about doing a book on the new BlackBerry Bold, but it's mostly a consumer series of books and I'm not sure (and neither are they) how well the new Bold will fit in the consumer market.

I believe my publisher and I have come to an agreement on my next book. All I need to do is write up a proposal and chapter outline and get it over to him for his review. I'm excited about the possibility and I'll let you know what it's going to be as soon as I start writing. stay tuned.

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