Living where I do, I take US Airways flights most of the time. I'm regularly surprised by their inability to use technology effectively and it saddens me. I was checking in for today's flight this morning and decided I wanted to give them some feedback. On the registration form, they asked me for my name, email address and frequent flyer number. Unfortunately, I was already logged into the web site, and this was all information they already had. Why ask me for information when you already have it?

I gave them some suggestions and during the process of typing them all in, I discovered that they blocked my ability to put carriage returns in the message. Ugh. Why not let me list my questions/comments on a separate line. Makes no sense.

Anyway, as I submitted my comments, I was struck by what I saw on the confirmation page (shown below). You can tell that they just don't care about customer service when they won't respond to customer comments for 5 to 7 days.To top it off, they even tell you about it - you'd think they'd want to hide the fact that they don't care enough about you to respond within 24 or 48 hours.

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  • Guest - Craig Wiseman

    It's sad, but just about all the airlines are like that. It's what tends to happen when you have the false competition of an oligarchy - "customers" matter at the meta level, not the individual level.

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