As you may have heard, my position at SAP was eliminated back in March. Out of the options I had before me, I accepted a position at Forrester Research as a Principal Analyst in the Application Development & Delivery area. I'll be one of three folks on the team focusing on mobile development plus I'll stick my nose into other areas of AD&D as I get comfortable.

My new position will have an impact on what I will be able to publish here. Anything related Forrester's business will be published in formal papers or posted to my Forrester Analyst Blog (I'll post a link here once I get it setup). I will be able to talk a bit here about the tools and frameworks I'm playing with. I'll also be able to cover some technical topics here that are too deep for the traditional analyst fare. We'll see what happens; I want to continue to write here, but I need to be sure it's the right content.

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