Of course things got kinda interesting this week with the PhoneGap project announcing that they're moving over to the Apache Project and changing their name. Originally slated to be called Apache DeviceReady, there's already a name conflict so the newer option looks to be Apache Callback. Ugh. We'll see what new names appear today.

Next came an announcement from Adobe that they're buying Nitobi, the company that founded and is managing the PhoneGap project. This is a very interesting development and I'll continue to watch things as they unfold. What's interesting for me is that as a part of Adobe, the folks at Nitobi are going to be able to focus entirely on PhoneGap development rather than on generating revenue. I imagine things will only get better with this arrangement.

Once I'm done with the new PhoneGap book, I'll be half-way done by the end of the week (hopefully), I'll start looking for some ways to contribute to the project. They need SO MUCH help with documentation.  Stay tuned.

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