A while back I started a series of articles in the View about mobile development for Domino. The first article was called Mobile Application Development Trends — What Today’s Developer Needs to Know Now which was an overview of waht I saw as trends in the mobile development space. It really had nothing to do with Domino development, it was just an analysis of the market. I followed up with two articles about developer's options for mobilizing Domino databases. The first article was called Taking It With You, Part 1: Know Your Options for Mobilizing Domino Databases via the Web and the second was called Taking it With You, Part 2: Mobilizing Domino Databases Using Native Clients, Hybrid Applications, and MEAPs. About that time I realized I had a series on my hands and I flushed out all of the articles I wanted to write about mobilizing Domino. Essentially what I did was identify all of the possible options I could think of and planned to write an article about each one of them.

The View published the fourth article in the series yesterday, it's called Mobilizing Domino Data Using Kryos Velocity AppXtender. Kryos is about to release (if they haven't already) a pretty cool platform for mobilizing Domino applications called Velocity AppXtender; I was invited to participate in the beta program and found the platform to be pretty interesting, complete and well thought out. They'll be making a big splash at Lotusphere 2011 I'm sure, so check them out when you get a chance.

In preparation for my session at Lotusphere this year I got to spend some time with Dashcode and the BlackBerry WebWorks tools. Subsequently I wrote articles about each of those tools for the View. They're both written and they're being processed by the very capable editing staff at the View. Next up on my agenda are articles about TeamStudio Unplugged and Wallace Wireless' WIC DB. I have the TeamStudio software, I just need to find some time to dig into it. Unfortunately I'm having difficulty getting my hands on the WIC DB product. I spoke with the President of Wallace about a month ago and let him know about the article series. He promised to hook me up with the code, but I've heard nothing from them since then. I followed up via email and received no response. I went to their site today and noticed that they were acquired by Vocera, so perhaps that's why they have become unresponsibe. We'll see what happens, I'll try them again soon.

I've also been poking around at Appcelerator's Titanium product. It looks very interesting and, with their acquisition of Aptana this week, makes them a pretty interesting option for mobile development. Unfortunately being a typical open source project (with a paid subscription option) their documentation is non existant. I've been looking at everything I can find on their site and there's nothing there that can help me get started. They have this kitchen sink application that you are supposed to look at to see how to do everything in their platform, but I just can't get the thing to load in the simulator. No usefull error messages or anything, it just won't install in the simulator and I can't figure out why. It's really disappointing me since I really wanted to show my BlackBerry Widget application in Titanium. Hopefully I'll be able to make something happen soon with that.

Stay tuned.

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