A few minutes after finishing my 4th book, I received an email from the editor at the View (www.eview.com) letting me know that they’d published an anthology of their mobile development articles called Mastering Mobile for Notes/Domino. The book is essentially a collection of 22 articles and 16 of them are mine, so 72.73% of the ‘chapters’ are my work. You can find information about the anthology at The View.  If you order a copy, please tell them you heard about it here!

I didn’t do a page calculation to figure out exactly how much of the book is my writing, but I’m still going to count this as a book I’ve ‘written’ a part of.

Over the years, I wrote 20 articles for the view and 18 of them were on mobile development. During that time, I usually wrote something here about the articles and many readers reached out to me for access to the article content. Since I don’t own the content, I couldn’t make any of it available. Now however, even non-subscribers have access to the content. So, if you’ve wanted to read some of my mobile development articles for IBM Lotus Domino, you can access most of them through this anthology.


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