As I mentioned previously, I wrote a long (4 part) series of articles for The View on how to use Rhomobile Rhodes and RhoConnect to mobilize a Domino application. Well, I’m a bit behind notifying you that Part 1 and Part 2 of the article series have been published.

Part 1 is entitled Mobilizing Domino Data Using Rhodes and RhoConnect, Part 1 — Getting Started. The article provides a detailed overview of Rhodes and RhoConnect plus shows how to create a simple Rhodes application (that will be enhanced in subsequent articles). The figure to the right shows the simple default Rhodes application we'll be enhancing in the article series.

Part 2 is appropriately named Mobilizing Domino Data Using Rhodes and RhoConnect, Part 2 — Testing the Demo App and covers how to use the different tools Rhomobile provides to help you test and debug your Rhodes applications.

Part 3 is in the edit process and will hopefully be available soon. It covers how to add a data model to the Rhodes application and adjust the application’s UI to meet your requirements. Part 4 covers in detail how to use RhoConnect to synchronize data between the Rhodes application and the Domino application. I’ll let you know when those are online.

I also wrote a bonus 5th article that highlights some of the tricks I had to use to debug the sync process as I coded the RhoConnect and Domino applications.

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