I've got an article being published soon that digs into how to use Teamstudio Unplugged to mobilize Notes applications. I had a lot of fun working with their platform and found it to be a very interesting implementation. They created a synchronization engine and client-side development environment for mobile applications without requiring any plug-ins or additional development tools beyond two Notes databases and out of the box Domino Designer. Cool stuff.

I've finished my work with PhoneGapPhoneGap. I took the BlackBerry Widget application I built to access my contact lookup web service and plunked it into PhoneGap and quickly built mobile applications for BlackBerry and iPhone. It was a very interesting project and I've written all about it in an article I've submitted to The View (www.eview.com). It was a lot of fun to work with the framework, but as with many open source projects, there's still a lot of work to be done to get everything working across all supported mobile platforms.

I've started work on what the View calls a Thought Article - something I'm currently calling 'Preparing your Domino Developer Mind for Mobile' which tries to cover the process you go through as you prepare to mobilize a Notes application. I was going to work on finishing the article tonight, but I think I'll wrap it up tomorrow then give it a final read before passing it off to the View for publishing.It's basically a collection of my thoughts on many different aspects of Domino mobile development. Could be fun.

Next up is an article about how to use Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAP) to mobilize Domino applications. In my job at AT&T I work with most of the major MEAP vendors and this is really cool stuff. I've asked some colleagues to help me build mobile applications using each of the MEAPs so I can compare and contrast them in the article.I'm going to start writing that one next week.

I'm also working with a colleague to write an article about how to build mobile applications for iPhone that talk to Notes databases. I tried to do this myself about 18 months ago and while I was able to get it 'working' I thought I'd engage a real iPhone developer to help me finish the article. Contrary to popular belief, iPhone development is much harder than development for any other mobile platform I've worked with, so it's been very hard for me to get this particular project done.

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