Although I'm a BlackBerry guy at heart, I've always been interested in Android. As I see it (from reading analyst reports and the press) Android is going to make a very big splash in the Enterprise mobility market in 2010 and 2011. Considering Android (like BlackBerry) was built from the ground up with Enterprise Mobility in mind (unlike the iPhone) it's likely that BlackBErry and Android will become the dominant players in the enterprise by 2012 (which has been predicted by the analyst community). Being an employee of AT&T I was excited to finally see the official announcement about the Android-based phones I will have access to. See the press release.

I've been studying up on Android development in preparation for Lotusphere. I'm going to be demonstrating how to build a BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and hopefully Android rich client application (not the browser) accessing a Domino application in my session (AD114). I have a new laptop to configure and get ready for the conference, but I hope I have the time to add the Android example to my demos.

I can't wait to get one or more Android devices in my hot little hands so I can finally play with the platform at length. I'll be sure to write about it as I know more.

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