I’ve been in device heaven the last couple of weeks. With all of the new devices AT&T has released and finally having some time to play around with them, I’ve been having a blast.I've got 7 devices here on my desk and I'm playing with all of them.

Windows Phone 7

I got a couple of Windows Phone 7 devices before Christmas and I’ve been using them the last week or two (I’ve even taken one of them as my primary device for the week). As I said in my post yesterday, I’ve found that Windows Phone 7 is a much better operating system than I expected. It’s clean, crisp and responsive – I actually like it. Not more than my BlackBerry, but I do like it. It would be very interesting to see what this looked like on a tablet.

Galaxy Tablet

I got a Samsung Galaxy Tablet and I have to say that I truly love it. I know Steve Jobs is poopooing the smaller format, but it’s really, really compelling. The fact that Android is open and I can do essentially anything I want with it (as opposed to what Apple ‘allows’) makes it awesome. The form factor is great – it’s big enough to be really useful, but small enough to be very comfortable in your hand (as opposed to hands). As my wife said this morning “that’s something I could fit in my purse” and that particular though is really more compelling than you’d expect.

Motorola Android Devices

I’m excited about using the Motoroloa Android 2.1 Bravo and Flipside devices. I really expected the Captivate to be the device I could carry full time, but it was so unresponsive most of the time that I just couldn’t use it. We’ll see what the Moto devices feel like.

BlackBerry Playbook

I’m not getting the feeling that the BlackBerry Playbook is going to be a better experience than the Galaxy Tablet. The only thing it has going for it is the tight integration with the BlackBerry device. Since Research in Motion is supposedly planning on a Cellular version of the device (to be released later), I don’t see that feature remaining that compelling. Research in Motion supposedly sees people who don’t currently own a BlackBerry device being interested in the Playbook, but I don’t see it. I can’t imagine someone buying a playbook over the iPad or the Galaxy Tablet unless they are currently a BlackBerry user and want to stay that way. Any other reasons don’t make sense to me.

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