Just got my Motorola Backflip. So far I like it. It's a consumer device, but has support for corporate email and policies. I'll be playing with this over the next couple of weeks and I'll write a review. I'm really excited about the device - all signs point to Android exceeding the iPhone in the Enterprise Market (which is where I work).

Here's a couple of things I learned as I played with the device for a few minutes:

MotoBlur is pretty cool. In a matter of minutes I had my account created and setup Twitter, Facebook and personal email. Limiting that you can only define one Twitter account (I have two). Supposedely MotoBlur provides better Exchange ActiveSync support than what is available in Android 2.1.

The device has a touchpad on the back of the screen. When you're holding it open in your hands with the keyboard exposed, you can navigate the screens by swiping on the back of the screen. The front is a touch screen, but the back gives you a different sort of navigation. Different. Interesting. Time will tell how useful/fun this is or how much it enhances the usability.

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